Cabo Party Fun Staff


Once a professional dancer from England traveling the globe through dance she went on to become a choreographer. Staging shows in Uk, Malaysia, and Mexico. Pole dancing all came as an accident when it seemed like a challenge to learn. Little did she realise years later she would not only be a teacher, but providing hours of fun to groups. The love of the sea and dance brought the two together to build Cabo Party Fun´s business on the unique party pole dance boat experience and the business keeps growing. She came to Cabo in 2010 with the intention of staying for 6 months...but is still here!!! She has now made her home here with her Mexican hubby and beautiful baby boy!

Party Host
Gaby...the master of pole! Gaby was born in Mazatlan in 1987, she is a Mechatronics engineer that used to live in Guadalajara, where she started to take pole dance classes in 2013.
She moved to Los Cabos because her boyfriend moved and after a few days she missed him too much and so love sent her to Los Cabos also!
In 2015 she qualified as a pole dance instructor and in 2016 she achieved second place in the Pacific Pole dance Competition in the catagory Pole Art.
Pole dance has been her passion and she has since taken classes in New York, Miami, Mexico City, Mazatlan, Cancun and Vallarta. Gaby also loves to sing, paddle board and have the vitamsea to the top.

Party Host
Ditte returns from her home town of Denmark to have another fun season with Cabo Party Fun. Ditte is fluent in English, Danish and is getting there with the Spanish also. She is a professional dancer and has been in shows all over the world. But fell in love with Cabo San Lucas and the Mexican lifestyle.
Party Helper
Karen has a passion for dance and has been with Cabo Party Fun since the beginning! She is still studying English and she loves the parties to practice her new language as well as just partying and having fun! Originally a student of Suzanne she is now training to become a pole teacher in her own right!
Karen adores R&B music and clubbing in Cabo in her spare time. Squid Roe is her favorite club.

Erika - She is always up for an adventure!
She was born in the US but has been living the life in Mexico since she was only 9 years old. She moved to Mazatlán with her family, learnt Spanish and fell in love with the ocean, the culture and the gorgeous pacific sunsets! A true Mazatleca at heart! Erika moved to Guadalajara in 2012 to study Communication Sciences, where she began to teach English as a Second Language, one of her passions. After graduating she couldn't stand being away from the sandy beaches any longer, so she decided to move back to Mazatlán where she considers home. In her free time you can spot her exploring the islands, taking pictures or out with friends! Erika joined Cabo Party Fun in 2018, to answer all of your inquiries and help you plan the best party ever!

Club Host/Party Host
Ivan - Party until I die!
Ivan is the night time host of Cabo Party Fun, ocassionaly making daytime appearances for those fortunate enough to choose the right activity! Joining in 2018 Ivan is also a professional dancer making him the perfect companion for the night party host with Cabo Party Fun. Fun, entertaining and energetic, he will make you feel safe whilst owning the dance floor!

Antony - Young Fun and Happy!
Antony has lived in Cabo San Lucas for 13 years now, moving from his home town of Meixco City when he was just 12 years old. He studied tourism in University and then went on to set up Cabo Party Fun´s Human Ball Event.
He is an adrenaline junky and loves to dive, skydive, motorcycle and now joins Cabo Party Fun as both Chauffeur and event helper, organizor.
In 2017 he became a father to a beautiful boy and now spends his time either showing guests around Cabo or traveling with his family.