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Crush is the best starter bar in Cabo. Start your night here, friendly staff, great R & B music in the best spot in downtown Cabo, right in the center. Located opposite Mandala, Vaquitas.

100 % consumption fee | Table Seating | Bottle service | Arrive by 10:30pm | No booking fee

Price depends on area and amount of people:

8-12 people $400 - $600usd min spend

12-17 people $600-$800usd min spend

Open: Daily starting at 8:00 pm to 2:45 am / Music: EDM, pop, old hits, top 40 mix / Dress code: Smart casual. Dress to impress!

The crown jewel of nightlife in Cabo San Lucas! Lively ambiance, top-notch entertainment, and unparalleled service, Mandala is the epitome of unforgettable nights and joyous celebrations.

Arrival by 10:30pm | 100% consumption fee | No booking fee | No waiting in line | Table service | Includes entrance fee

Prices start at $300 for 4 people - $2000usd 10 people



One of the most emblematic and famous places to party in Cabo San Lucas. Recommended for younger groups with top chart mix music, cages and fun. 

Cover charge $20usd pp includes 1 drink


All you can drink 2 hours : 1,200mxn |  $75usd pp (using exchange rate of 16)

All you can drink 3 hours :1,600mxn | $100usd pp


Table service with express access:

LIGHT- 6 PEOPLE 6,188mxn | $387usd | 1 Premium bottle | 4 mixers | 2 Red Bulls

BRONZE - 12 PEOPLE 12,376mxn |  $774usd | 2 Premium bottles | 8 mixers | 4 Red Bulls

SILVER - 18 PEOPLE 18,581mxn | $1,162usd | 3 Premium bottles | 12 mixers | 6 Red Bulls

GOLDEN - 24 PEOPLE 24,769mxn | $1,548usd | 4 Premium bottles | 16 mixers | 12 Red Bulls              

Tequilas : • Don Julio 70 / Blanco / Reposado • Casamigos Blanco / Reposado • Patron • Maestro Dobel • Hornitos Cristalino • Herradura Silver / Ultra • 1800  Digestive: • Baileys  Rums : • Bacardi Blanco • Capitan Morgan silver / Spiced • Appleton • Matusalem Platino  Whiskey: • Black Label • Red Label • Buchanan's • Jack Daniel's / Apple / Honey • Fireball  Champagne: • Moet Chandon Brut  Gin: • Bombay   Mezcal: • 400 Conejos

Open: Daily starting 8:00 PM to 2:45 AM / Music: R&B, hip hop, pop, reggaeton sets, latin vibes. / Dress code: Casual. Dress to impress!

Get ready to groove to the hottest beats of hip hop, R&B, pop, and irresistible reggaeton sets. Immerse yourself in the pulsating music, dance alongside a vibrant crowd, and indulge in our signature cocktails. 

Arrival by 10:30pm | 100% consumption fee | No booking fee | No waiting in line | Table service | Includes entrance fee

Prices start at $400 for 4 people - $850usd 8 people


Dancing in the Mist

Shots Shots Shots!! - This is perfect if you want to do some quick stops in a lot of places, starting with a more casual bar and ending up in the center clubs. 

$55usd per person- minimum of 8 guests

Note this does not ensure any private seating

  • One shot per person in each bar/club

  • 6 different bars/clubs

  • English speaking host

  • No wait in lines

  • No Bar/Club entrance fees

  • 10.30pm-1.30am


Dance Floor

 All Inclusive - This is for the people that just want to drink…. a lot! Experience the best personalized nightlife in Cabo San Lucas with this all inclusive "all you can drink" open bar, VIP entrances, reserved tables  & escorted bar crawl that includes 3 of the best bar/clubs  in the area.

$85usd per person plus obligatory gratuity of minimum $5usd per person to be paid to guide on the day of the event.

  • 3 Bar/Club

  • All you can drink 

  • Reserved Table

  • Drinks Include domestic Vodka, Rum ,Tequila, Gin (margaritas, mojitos, daiquiris, etc all cocktails you can make with this liquor) and beer (No premium alcohol or energy drinks are included, no bottled water)

  • 9pm -1am


Combine fine dining, with a vibrant atmosphere at this fun party restaurant. The most instagram friendly restaurant in Cabo San Lucas

No booking fee | Price is to confirm and used 100% on consumption | Payment via Stripe link | Price in mxn | Usd is estimate based on 16.5 type of change

2-11 people 0mxn | 12 - 15 25,000mxn / $1515usd | 16-20 30,000mxn / $1818usd | 21-30 40,000 / $2424usd | 31-40 50,000mxn | $3030usd

Day Club 11am–6pm |Dinner With Show 7pm–2am | We're Open Every Day. Witness the magic as Bagatelle transforms from day to night.

French Mediterranean dining located by the Marina with sea view.

Located really close to the Marina in Cabo San Lucas. The food on the table is sophisticated, generous and authentic. All dishes on the table are meant to be shared with family and friends, in a festive and convivial atmosphere.

They will always make you feel at home and will ensure you have a fun time! 

Party everyday, anytime!



Modern concept restaurants, combining fun, with signature drinks and Latin American cuisine.

Good to dress up!

$0usd for us to reserve it and no consumption fee required

RosaNegra is located in one of the most attractive areas of Cabo San Lucas, its concept pays tribute to Latin American cuisine, which radiates freedom and passion for life. Dazzle your senses in one of the most sophisticated restaurants in Mexico, offering an unprecedented culinary experience, with high level entertainment that includes the Sacred Fire Show, bongo show and sparklers illuminating your night.

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