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Mexican Party
Mexican Party

Staying Home Combo

This is the most popular if you are choosing to have a day in the villa.

This includes 8 hours of in-house chef and bar service. 

Choose between:

Breakfast/Lunch or Lunch/Dinner

2 Meals, 1 snack, 8 hours of Open Bar

Breakfast: American or Mexican with toast, fruit, juice, coffee

Lunch: Tacos, Quesadillas, rice, beans, salsas, guacamole, totopos chips, salad. Dessert

Dinner: Fajitas of chicken and beef or vegetable, beans, salsas, rice, salad.

1 Snack vegetable with tajin

Open Bar:

Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Beer, Soft drinks, water

$89usd per person min 8
$712usd 4 - 8 people

Taco Party

Starter: Chips, Salsa, Guacamole

Choose 2 of the following Fajitas:


Arrechera (beef)

Pastor (pork)


Sides: Tortillas, Rice, beans, salad, salsas


$36usd per person min 8
$288usd 4
- 8 people
Hard Shell Tacos

Mexican Combo

Entree: Tortilla Soup

Main: Red or Green Chicken Enchiladas

Meat or cheese stuffed chilli

Side: Rice


$40usd per person min 8
$320usd 4
- 8 people


Entree: Ceviche with Totopo Chips


Starter: Salad or Tortilla Soup

Main: Choose

Black Pepper Steak

Chicken in Mushroom Sauce

Vegetarian Option

Sides: Mixed Vegetables, Roasted chipped potatoes

Dessert: Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream

$60usd per person min 8
$480usd 4
- 8 people
Mexican Party


The most traditional Mexican meal you can have. We bring the taqueria to your villa and carve the meat fresh.

Pastor (Pork), Arrechero (Beef)

Tortillas, Salsas, Salad, Rice and beans

Vegetarians please opt for the Taco Party

$32usd per person min 8
$256usd 4
- 8 people


Entree: Fruit with oats & yoghurt | Coffee | Orange juice | Mimosas (add on)


Mexican Burritos (Eggs | Beans | Cheese | Onions | Peppers)


Mexican Omelette/ Mexican eggs (Tomato | Onion | Chilli | Chorizo | Cheese)

Sides: Chilaquiles | Tortillas | Refried beans | Salsas


Eggs of your style | Chipped potatoes | Bacon or Sausage | Mushrooms | Fried tomato

Sides: Toast | Marmalade | Butter


Hotcakes and French toast 

$35usd per person min 8
Add 2 mimosas for $5usd pp
$280usd 4
- 8 people
Breakfast in Bed
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