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Women's Race

"Having fun is not a diversion from a successful life; It is the pathway to it."

Martha N Beck

You have your own beautiful villas, so stay there and we will bring the party to you

Staying in combo | Tequila tasting | Twisted tequila |BBQ pool party | Dance session | Viva Mexico

Summer Pool Party
Every day is a great day in Cabo for a pool party!

Taboo Beach Club | Breathless Day pass | In-house pool party 

Night Club
The buzzing nightlife of Cabo, make it your night!

VIP bottle service | Bar crawl | Shots crawl

Sometimes girls just want to have fun! Enjoy time with your besties in the privacy of your villa

Sexy barman | Magic Miguel | Catwalk models |Twerk & Heels | Pole dance party | 

Bachelor Party Tailgate
Events perfect for the bachelor party

BBQ Pool party | Female bar service | Naked Sushi 

Boat Cleaner
Perfect daytime activities in, above or under the water!

Private Charter boats | Yachts | Public boats | Parasailing| Jetskiing | Fishing 

Image by Roberto Nickson
Get out into the wild and experience the dessert of Cabo with exciting activities

ATVs | Ziplining | Horse/ATV Combo | Camel ride | Bungee | Giant Swing

Family Portrait
Fun events for all ages

Pirate boat | Horse Riding | Dolphin swim | Salsa & Salsa | Camel Riding 

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